Schedule Time

Every Saturday, I try to find a few minutes to sit down and look over my schedule for the upcoming week. It tends to be a lot of the same stuff every week, but I still like knowing for sure what’s planned. So.. here’s our schedule for next week, not including the obvious school every day, except Tuesday–that’s our "day off" to run errands, etc.

Sunday: Church and Sunday school
             Youth group and Awana

Monday: Music lessons

Tuesday: Bible study for Mom
              Gym class at the YMCA
              Liturgical dance practice for "G"

Wednesday: evening Thanksgiving church service

Thursday: Thanksgiving–we’re not going anywhere or having anybody over

Friday: Prepare for tomorrow

Saturday: Family Thanksgiving get-together at our house (19 people total)

That’s what we’ll be doing this week. It’s actually an easy week for me, at least on paper. I never know what’s going to actually happen.

One thought on “Schedule Time

  1. RoxanneB says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my "Custer" post. I've added a "sociological experiment" post today if you're interested in what Custer's reappearance in our house has sparked!

    I enjoyed looking through your blog as well. I'm in a dairy farming state, too (though we're not farmers). We're able to get raw milk which is such a blessing!

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