Show and Tell Friday

I have to tell you about a great planning tool I’ve found to help me through the holiday season.

I finished getting my Christmas cards ready to mail. I’ve never had them ready this early before. I’ve been using The 12 Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family this year to help me be a bit more organized. I decided organization was important this year because we have a lot of things going on. We had my mother-in-laws birthday party the beginning of November, Thanksgiving with 20 people tomorrow, and my family is all coming for Christmas–that’s 23 people for 3 days. This planner has helped me plan menus for each holiday, plan what I need for decorating, plan when to do to what. I love it!

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One thought on “Show and Tell Friday

  1. Canadagirl says:

    This sounds real good. I will have to check in on it. Your holidays sound very much like me. LOTS of family and friends over for the dinners.

    Thank you for joining in on the fun !

    Blessings in Him<><

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