Van troubles–Praise the Lord!!

Today was a day of van troubles. Actually, the troubles started about 10 days ago when I noticed the battery light was on on the dashboard. Dh tested both the battery and alternator and everything looked OK, so I kept on driving the van all over the place. Today, the van died. But, in hindsight, God had everything planned out so that everything worked out. Of course, God always has everything planned out that way. And, I say in hindsight, because I didn’t exactly see things this way immediately. These are the praises in the whole van experience.

1–My 12 year old didn’t come along this morning for gym class. This becomes important in a bit

2–My 14 year old went home with friends after gym class. This left me with only my daughter in the van when it died.

3–The van died in Fleet Farm parking lot. It could have happened any number of places in the middle of nowhere.  After a call to our normal mechanic, who goes to our church and who we trust totally, he tells me that Fleet Farm has a free service where they will jump start a battery for a customer if it’s needed. My mechanic’s best guess, based on symptoms, is either battery or alternator.

4–The man who came to jump start the van managed to get it across the street to the service station where he could check it out. The verdict–both battery and alternator. Another call to our regular mechanic let me know that the price the service station was going to charge was totally honest. The van could get done sometime today.

5–My husband was in town right at the time my daughter and I needed a ride home. We didn’t want to wait several hours at the service station. This is where my sons not being along is a praise. My husband has a truck that seats 3. We wouldn’t have fit if the boys were along.

6–I was supposed to drive a bunch of kids to dodgeball and then my daughter and her friend to Grandma’s for a sleepover. Other parents were willing to do the driving this afternoon.

7–The van was finished before I needed it to go to my homeschool meeting!!!

Isn’t God good?

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