Ever had one of those days where you don’t seem to be thinking? That’s what I had today. I can blame the cold medicine I’m taking or being very busy this week or whatever, but I goofed tonight.

I am in charge of my church’s Children’s Christmas program and we had practice tonight. I live about 20 minutes from church and I wanted to make one stop before practice, so I left home about 5:45, giving me enough time to stop before practice at 6:30. I was 10 minutes from church at 5:55 when it occurred to me that practice starts at 6:00, not 6:30. You’d think I could remember since I’m the one who set the schedule. The other adult helping me was there on time and got practice started without me.

Then, I was going to teach a group of girls the sign language to Silent Night. I’ve been watching a DVD I have of Christmas carols in ASL so I’d be ready. It didn’t occur to me until tonight that the second verse on the DVD isn’t the same verse that we’re singing as the second verse. So, now I have to figure out the correct sign language for the verse we’re doing.

Where was my head tonight?

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