Show and Tell Friday–The Quest for the Perfect Tree

Each year we go to the local Christmas Tree farm to find and cut down the "perfect tree". This year, with the temperature around 20 degrees and lots of wind, I was hoping for a shorter trip than normal. Unfortunately, my guys insisted on checking every tree, all the way to the end of the farm. Here are some photos from the trip. I usually take a few more, but it was too cold to take out the camera very often.

How about this one? Big brother sees a better one down the row a bit farther.

Did I mention it was cold?

Finally, it’s time to cut one down!

My turn with the saw!

Let’s get this back to the parking lot

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5 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday–The Quest for the Perfect Tree

  1. SuzyScribbles says:

    Yes, it does look COLD! But think of the hot chocolate, the cookies, the MEMORIES of this. And now it's over. Aren't you glad you went ahead and let them have their fun? 🙂

  2. blessedwith2angels says:

    I did my show and tell about our adventure at the Christmas tree farm also. I think it was a lot warmer at my our house though!
    Neat pictures.

  3. Canadagirl says:

    You all look like you had sooooooo much fun ! I hope you all rewarded yourselves with a extra BIG hot cocoa !!

    Blessings in Him<><

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