Baby kittens

This story is too cute not to pass along. We have a dog out here, named Buddy. We also have a bunch of farm cats. Most of the cats have the typical dog-cat realationship with Buddy–they don’t really get along, although some tolerate him more than others. There is one cat in the barn, named Rat (don’t know how she got that name), that seems to be Buddy’s friend. Rat had kittens recently. She had them in the feed cart during milking. My husband, needing the feed cart for feeding the cows, carefully moved Rat and her babies to a safer, warmer box. Rat, however, kept trying to get her kittens out, so my husband blocked the door to the box, to keep the kittens safe during milking. Once milking was done, he unblocked the door. Out came Rat, with a kitten in her mouth. She brought the kitten over to Buddy, proudly showed off her baby, and returned, kitten in mouth, to the box. All she wanted was to show her friend her babies. It was so cute!

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