Planning the week and the year

I thought I had my school year fairly well planned out. We were going to start on the American Revolution after Christmas. However, my boys have been very interested in World War 2 lately. So, I had to decide if I stick with my original plan, or alter it to what the boys want to learn about. I decided to cover the World Wars.  We can’t do WWII without first doing WWI, so this week we’re starting with World War 1.

I’ve also done some "tweaking" in Language Arts/English. The curriculum we’re using just isn’t working for 2 of my kids in spelling. So, I’m adding Spelling Power to the morning line up. We’ve used it before, so it’s not new.

We’ve had 2 weeks off for Christmas, so it’s not going to be easy to get back into the school routine. The kids have been getting to bed late and waking up late. That means that tomorrow will be a difficult morning to get out of bed. If I let them sleep too long, we don’t get much done before music lessons in the afternoon, and once we get home from lessons, the day is pretty much over.

It wil be nice to get back to a normal, calmer schedule. We only have our "normal" activities this week: Music lessons on Monday, gym class and Mom’s Bible study on Tuesday, gymnastics on Thursday.

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