Friday show and tell

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to join Canadagirl and others in Friday Show and Tell.

My show and tell today is probably nothing new to most, but it was to my kids and they loved it.  It’s been so cold here, the coldest weather we’ve had in 13 years. It got all the way up to -5F yesterday. So, we decided to do some cold weather science. We put out 2 containers of water, one boiling and one cold to see which one froze faster. (the boiling one did) While we waited, we threw a pan of boiling water into the air and watched it turn into "snow". I didn’t get a picture at exactly the right time, the water is still water and hasn’t frozen yet, but you get the idea. That’s my son, Gregory, throwing the water. We chose to watch from the warmth of the doorway, which, by the way, was filled with steam because it was warm inside and so cold outside (another science lesson from yesterday).


7 thoughts on “Friday show and tell

  1. Canadagirl says:

    Neat ! I actually didn't know that you could throw water into the air and it would snow. How cold does it have to be ??? It is prob. to warm here right now. It is raining and washing our snow away. But it will get cold again sometime soon. I love snow science. It is soooo much fun. That reminds me I have to get out my snow science book ! Thanks for reminding me…before it is too late.[0=

    Blessings in Him<><

  2. tiredmom says:

    You can make it snow!? I've always lived too far south to have more than one or two "snow days" a year. I've never even heard of this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. bubbebobbie says:

    How chilly!
    I wish I had known this experiment when we live in New Hampshire. I will have to get my gkids to try it out!
    very cooool
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

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