Through the Bible in a Year

This week I read Genesis 25-38, the stories of Jacob and Esau through Joseph being sold to the Ishmaelites. Again and again I was reminded of God’s patient faithfulness. When I look at the lying and cheating that took place in these passages, I was struck by how "normal" these patriarchs were. I commented on it last week, too.  Like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were human and they sinned. But, God chose them to be the fathers of His chosen people.

Next week, I’ll be reading through Exodus 11.

3 thoughts on “Through the Bible in a Year

  1. solidrock says:

    God is so amazing! How he can choose a normal man or women with all the faults and sins to do such extrordinary things for His kingdom. It humbles me each time I read that he just wants me to be willing and to love Him and put our trust in Him.

  2. SuzyScribbles says:

    Exactly! I'm reading Joseph too. I like how God includes their failings, or we would feel so depressed that they had it all together and we mess up so much. 🙂

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