This week's schedule

It’s time to look ahead to another week. This week is a bit busier than I’d like, but I’ve had busier.

Monday: Homeschool Science Day at a local University (rescheduled from last
                 week due to extreme cold)
             Music lessons

Tuesday: Bible study for Mom (I’m leading a group doing The Truth Project
                 from Focus on the Family for the next 13 weeks)
              Gym class at the YMCA
              Gymnastics (a make-up class for not having class on Christmas Day)

Wednesday: Children’s choir

Thursday: Gymnastics (regular class)

Friday: 4-H Family Fun night at the YMCA

Saturday: 4-H photography meeting for my oldest

Sunday: Church, Sunday School, Youth Group and Awana

One thought on “This week's schedule

  1. tiredmom says:

    That's busy! I've had to tone things down a bit because it's hard to get the children back to work if we leave the house during the day!

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