Change of plans

I  had our week all planned out, like I always do. However, our plans have now changed. Yesterday, we spent the day at the University in Oshkosh at a Homeschool Science Day learning about weather. My daughter seemed a bit tired before we left in the morning, but I didn’t think too much of it. She had been up late the night before since after we got home from Awana, we had to make lunches and get ready for yesterday, and then we had to leave home at 7:30, which is very early for us. She seemed fine at lunch time, but by the end of the program, she was complaining of being very tired and her legs hurt. We had music lessons scheduled right after the science day and by the time we got to the music studio, Janelle was in tears. She was too tired for music lessons. Did she have to go? Since my son was sick last week and missed class, giving Janelle a full hour of lessons to herself, we decided to let Gregory have a full hour of lessons to himself. When we finally got home, Janelle slept for an hour and woke up with a fever of almost 103. That cancels our plans for today.

The boys normally go to gym class at the YMCA while I’m at Bible study on Tuesday mornings. Starting today, I am supposed to be co-leading  our Bible study. We’re doing The Truth Project by Focus on the Family. My friend is leading by herself today. So, instead of gym class and running errands and getting groceries (which was also on the schedule for today, since we’re normally in town anyway), we will be staying home and watching the inauguration. We may even have some time to get some other school work done, like science and history, that somehow didn’t get finished last week.

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