Science experiment

We’re doing Apologia’s Zoology 1:Flying Creatures of the 5th Day with my youngest this year. She just finished an experiment where she had to set up 2 identical bird feeders, but fill each with a different type of bird seed. The purpose was to determine which type of food the birds in our yard liked the best. Both feeders are emptying at about the same rate, so we must have birds that like both kinds that we used. We put the feeders outside our dining room windows, so we’ve been having a lot of fun watching the birds come and eat. Here’s some pictures of the birds. We really like it when the cardinal comes, but he doesn’t come often and when he does, it’s really hard to get a picture of him. Even the slightest movement in our house and he’s gone.

The juncos like to dig holes in the snow

Our junco is joined by a pair of mourning doves

The elusive cardinal

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