Bible in a Year

I’m a bit late today with my entry, again, but better late than never, right? This week I got through Exodus 11, which is through 9 of the 10 plagues. Moses always interests me. At first, he is so afraid of doing what God wants him to do. He gives every excuse in the book, and God always has an answer for him. Hmmm..maybe I do the same thing? But, God, I can’t because I’m busy today. But, God, I don’t know how. But, God,… and the list can go on and on. What things could I miss because I don’t want to follow God’s instructions? What would Moses have missed if God had let him get away with his excuses?

I always like the part in the plagues where it makes a note that the land of Goshen and the Israelites are not affected by the plagues. I believe this starts with the flies. God protects His people while destroying their enemies, over and over again. He still does today.

2 thoughts on “Bible in a Year

  1. fruitbuns says:

    The plagues show what can happen when we do things against God. Nothing quite like that is happening today, although there is a lot more fire and flooding, and still people don't turn to God!

  2. SuzyScribbles says:

    Just a quick stop while I'm watching the grandkids! Yes, I'm here too in Exodus.
    I've always been struck with the fact that each plague mocked one (or more) of the gods of Egypt. I wonder if they got the point?

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