Bible in a Year

More laws this week. The Israelites had a lot of laws! One thing that stood out to me this week was in Leviticus 5. It talks about several acts that require offerings. The phrase "even though he is unaware of it, when he learns of it he will be guilty." In other words, ignorance of the law didn’t excuse breaking the law. If they broke a law, but didn’t know they were breaking the law, they were still guilty.

In Deuteronomy 17, God gives laws for choosing a king. At the time, the Israelites had no plans to ever choose a king. However, God knows that someday, they are going to complain that every other nation has a king, and they want one, too. It was interesting to me to read the part that says "He must not take many wives, or his heart will be led astray. He must not accumulate large amounts of silver and gold." I think Solomon (and others, too, but Solomon popped into my brain as I read it) overlooked this part. Kings today certainly overlook it. Kings are wealthy, for the most part, and do accumulate large amounts of "silver and gold" (and other valuables).

And, Exodus 22:28b–"Do not curse the ruler of your people". I do my best not to "curse", in the literal sense of the word, but what about talking negatively about our ruler? There have been times in the last few months where I have not talked about our president with the right attitude. God chooses who will be our leader, and we are to respect him and not "curse" him, even if we don’t agree with him.

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2 thoughts on “Bible in a Year

  1. solidrock says:

    Hello! I too thought about " do not curse your ruler" I would think even thoughts that are unkind would fall under this. It certianly is easy to make comments and such and not think of it as sin.
    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. SuzyScribbles says:

    I'm really here–mostly. The weekend was hard! Kaetlyn woke up crying with an earache Sat. night. We were up 3 hours rocking and she wanted her parents (she's 5). I'm dragging, as that was the second night of little sleep. The first being a wind storm, a strange bed (I stayed at my son's and DinL's), a furnace that kicked on like a wind tunnel every 40 minutes, and the 2-year-old crying and coughing. *I lived*

    Glad you guys hung there this week!

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