Taco Soup

My oldest loves soup. He’ll have some before going out to milk the cows or as a bedtime snack–pretty much anytime he’s hungry. And, as a growing teenager, he’s pretty much hungry all the time. I had been buying ready-to-heat soup that he could just stick in the microwave and eat. Then, I got smarter and decided it would be cheaper, healthier and more filling if he had homemade soup instead. Now, once or twice a week I make a big pot of soup and, after we’ve had a meal from it, freeze the rest in individual size containers (and by individual size, I mean individual for a teenager–probably about 2 servings for what I eat.) Last week, I was making a pot of soup with what I had on hand, and came up with this recipe. It’s been a huge hit with my son.

Taco Soup

2 lbs hamburger, browned & drained
2 qts tomato juice
2 cans kidney beans
10 oz frozen corn
1 pkg taco seasoning (can use mild, hot or whatever you like)
28 oz can diced tomatoes
1 onion, diced
1 cup cooked rice
1/2 to 1 cup salsa (depending on taste, again hot, mild whatever you like)

Combine all ingredients in large pot. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer 2 hours.  Top each serving with cheese and/or sour cream.

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