Bible in a Year

I finished the laws this week! The fact that I’d be finishing them is what kept me reading some days. It was the hardest week for me to stick with it, probably because I’ve been sick most of the week.

Probably because I was sick, I didn’t find as many little gems this week. The whole section on injuries and damages, found in Ex 21, is something that people today could take to heart. The general theme is, if you injure or damage something/someone, make restitution and move on. There were cases listed where it was "only an accident", and nobobdy was required to make restitution. Nobody was required to pay millions over and above, as people do today. No huge, frivolous lawsuits. Hmm..I better quit on that topic right there before I get totally off on my soapbox 🙂

Also, God had laws for the Israelites to care for the aged, widows, foreigners. He took care of everybody. I love that. He cares for everybody.

And, in the end, in Deut 30, he makes provision for repentance. After listing all the things that can happen to the Israelites if the don’t follow the laws–loss of fortune, disease, captivity and more–He makes a promise to restore their fortune if they repent. He will forgive. He will again "delight in you". I love that!

Now that I’ve finished the laws, I’ve realized something. I wasn’t looking forward to reading them all. In fact, other attempts I’ve made at reading through the Bible in a year have failed before I got this far because I didn’t like reading all the laws. After all, what could there possibly be of interest and importance to me and our society today? Looking back, I’ve realized that I’ve found things every week that apply to me and to society. God’s Word is alive and still relevant today, thousands of years after it was written.

To join us in reading the Bible in a year, go to Suzy’s Scribbles

2 thoughts on “Bible in a Year

  1. fruitbuns says:

    I have actually been finding practical things in Leviticus, and I love Proverbs.
    Hope you are feeling better. Have a good week.

  2. SuzyScribbles says:

    That's so great! Just digging in and reading it and then being blessed for your faithfulness. That's just super!

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