Bible in a Year

I’ve moved out of Moses’ life and into Joshua’s this week. I started with the death of Moses. Yes, I still feel bad that he didn’t get to go to the promised land. I know,  he disobeyed God in front of all the Israelites, but my human mind likes to start justifying what he did. However, his death leads to one of the highlights of this weeks reading, for me anyway. The Lord buried Moses. I think that says something about how God felt about Moses. He Himself buried Moses. I also find it interesting to note that nobody knew where Moses was buried. I think that if God had let them know this, somebody would have been tempted to find Moses’ bones, travel with them (like Joseph’s) and perhaps, in time, begin to worship Moses instead of God. Also, at 120 years old, Moses’ eyes were not weak or his strength gone. God kept Moses healthy for the whole duration of his time on earth.

The rest of the readings this week were on the conquest and destruction of Canaan–Jericho, Ai, and the others, and then the dividing up of the land among the tribes.


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3 thoughts on “Bible in a Year

  1. solidrock says:

    Hello! I am glad to hear of another who finds Abrahams not entering the promiseland sad. I do know the Lord is just and the message is so strong that we need to be obedient.
    Loved your S and T post! I grew up part of my life on a beef cattle farm. We did not have dairy cattle. I got my experience with dairy cattle in college as an ag student and just fell in love with them.

  2. SuzyScribbles says:

    I agree! I think the temptation to worship Moses would have been pretty great. Kind of like the Mohamed stuff that Islam promotes. Cult leaders, "men" all seem to end up elevated. And besides, Moses was probably more "alive" after his death than before it! He even came down on the Mt. of Transfiguration to visit Christ.

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