Spring fever

Super-nice weather has hit our area this week. We love it. It’s warm and sunny with just a touch of breeze. The kids are going outside without coats and sometimes are wearing shorts. So what could be the problem? Spring fever.

This is the time of year, every year, when getting school done becomes a problem. The kids want to be outside, I want to be outside, or, possibly doing spring cleaning. I’ve tried taking the books outside, but soon we are distracted. There are a lot of distractions–tractors, cows, birds, cats, dog, chickens, mud (and lots of it), stuff that’s accumulated on the lawn over winter, baseball, you name it, we get distracted by it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the spring weather. I have seeds started for my garden and can’t wait to be able to get into the garden to plant them. However, I know we also need to get a few other things done as well.

So, how do we get anything done? More frequent breaks to go run outside, more "outside" studies–birds and bugs is a current topic in my daughter’s science, so we can be outside looking for new arrivals in these areas. We’re building raised-bed gardens this year. The boys will be helping with measuring, assembling, preparing these. As soon as we’re able, all the kids will be in charge of their own garden area–we’re building one per person (minimum). They’ve been looking at seed catalogs and figuring out what they want to plant, how much room they’ll need, etc. And, of course, hitting the books hard on rainy days. We just haven’t had any this week.

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