Show and tell Friday

Last Saturday my son and I went to a poultry/small animal swap meet. He is in the poultry project for 4-H and this is an annual event for us to go and buy some birds for him. He’s come home with as many as 20. This year, he got 6. We also picked up a couple of bunnies (only 4 weeks old) for my daughter who is in the rabbit project for the first time. Here’s some pictures of our new additions.

This type of chicken is called a Silver Spitzhauben. My son has wanted one for about 3 years. He now has 3, 2 hens and a rooster. I think they look like they’re having a bad hair day.

This is a leghorn rooster. I love the long tail feathers.

What happens when you put 4 roosters together? You get a fight for male dominance. The Spitzhauben and a Brahma rooster are getting ready to decide who gets to be the head rooster. Spitzy won, and no roosters got hurt. A few feathers were lost, but that’s it.

This is Dusty. Not sure what kind of bunny she is, but she’s cute!

This is Patches, a Dutch rabbit, but she doesn’t have exactly the right markings for a true Dutch.

Janelle and her new pets.

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7 thoughts on “Show and tell Friday

  1. solidrock says:

    Oh they are beautiful! I love the fancy style chickens. Great project. Your bunnies are adorable too. We kept bunnies for as long as my allergies could handle. We had them for 20 years. The last one though had angora in him and that is the one type of fur I am most allergic too. I put up with him for two years and said thats it!
    I raised bunnies as a kid. Big California Whites. And Red Rex. Loved it!!!!

  2. Canadagirl says:

    What wonderfully special farm you all have. Your kids will have tons of good memories !

    Blessings in Him<><

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