Clothes shopping

I have come to the conclusion that my oldest son, who’s 14, isn’t going to be able to find a pair of jeans that actually fit him. You see, he’s fairly tall at 5’11", which translates into a 36" inseam. He’s also quite slender, with a 29" waist. (I’m not sure I ever remember a waist that small). Add to these measurements, the fact that he really prefers certain styles, and it gets even harder. Thankfully, he’s not totally fussy and realizes that since he needs jeans, he’ll have to be flexible on style choices. He, like a lot of kids his age, likes to wear his jeans low (but not too low, or Mom gets mad), so we can get by with a 34" inseam. If he wears a belt (not a favorite thing to do, but it’s better than losing his pants), we can go up to a 30" waist. I found a total of 1 pair of 30×34 while shopping yesterday. One. I know there must be more somewhere, but where? Where have all of jeans in the size I need gone? Has there been a run on skinny tall kids needing jeans all of a sudden?

At least my other 2 kids are easier to fit. However, #2 son has it in his head that he doesn’t want to wear anything used. Since his brother’s clothes from last year fit him perfectly this year, and since #1 grew so fast that he didn’t wear out his clothes at all, #2 has no choice. Ok, I guess he does, but I don’t think going without clothes is a viable option. Where do kids get some of their ideas? I’ve always shopped 2nd hand stores for all 3 kids for almost everything. I typically buy each of them a couple of new items each season, but certainly not everything.

OK, so I only have 1 child that’s easy to shop for. At least she used to be, until she started growing up and deciding that the pink frilly dresses aren’t what she likes anymore. We went shopping for an Easter dress. Like her mother, she’s not a big fan of dresses, but she’ll wear them when she has to. I was attracted to the racks of pinks, purples, yellows with cute hats, purses and gloves. You know the styles I mean. Her dress is black and white. It’s very cute, but not the color combo I would have chosen. But, I must admit that it does look very good on her.

I guess it’s time for me to realize that the days of easy clothes shopping for my kids are over. Some things were definitely easier when the kids were little. However, I love the age my kids are at right now. And, yes, I say that no matter what age they are.

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