Bible in a Year

I started this week with the book of Ruth. I love this story and always have. Ruth was so devoted and loving toward her mother-in-law and was blessed by God because of it. Who would’ve imaged that the girl Ruth would grow up to be the great-grandmother of King David and an ancestor to the Messiah? The whole kinsman-redeemer part of the story is fascinating to me as well. It’s a part I never really fully understood. How Boaz as Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer forshadow’s Jesus being our redeemer. I also noticed this time through how Ruth and Boaz live in Bethlehem. They are the reason that Mary and Joseph must travel to Bethlehem years later and that Jesus is born there.

From Ruth, I went on to Samson and then Samuel. The Israelites continue to follow a fairly predictable path–turn away from God, become oppressed by enemies, cry out to God who then sends a judge, overcome their enemies, turn away from God…

I ended the week with the annointing of Saul as the first king of Israel. I was reminde how, during all the laws I read earlier, that God made provision for the choosing of a king, knowing that the Israelites would someday want one. They rejected Him and He gave them what they deserved.

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