Let's get caught up

I can’t believe that I have neglected this blog so much in the last couple of weeks. Actually, I guess I can. This is normal for me in the Spring. I get so busy with all the spring cleaning, yard work, gardening, and trying to keep the kiddos on track in school, that some things end up neglected. Unfortunately, this blog is one of those neglected things.

So, I am still reading the Bible in a year. I haven’t fallen behind on reading, just on blogging about it. I guess that’s good–that I haven’t fallen behind on reading. I’ve finished 2 Samuel. I am at the end of David’s reign. Currently, I am reading many of David’s Psalms.

As far as school goes, I did an "inventory" right around Easter and determined exactly what each child needs to finish this year. It was reassuring to me to discover that we’re not as far behind as I though we were.

4-H is starting it’s season and we’re slowly getting busier with that. Besides the general group meetings, we are starting project meetings. This week we will have meetings in the following projects: Rabbits, archery, dog obedience and woodworking. Sometime in the next week, we’ll need to buy 8 baby pigs for the swine project.

I volunteered this year to be in charge of my church’s VBS skit, so I’ve been busy working on that. We have our first practice this Saturday, and will continue practices most Saturdays until the week of VBS in June. My 2 boys are in the skit, so it’s sort of a family event. I’m also organizing a co-op for our local homeschool group and will be teaching a couple of sessions with that–2 levels of Spanish and 1 on the Prairie Primer. That should be interesting.

I guess that gets everybody caught up on our house for now. Hopefully, I’ll do better at blogging regularly. I think I need to implement a "no facebook until the blog is done" rule, since I tend to spend more time on Facebook than here.

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