Bible in a Year

Once again, I am a couple of days late with this post. I haven’t figured out why I have trouble posting on time. Oh well.

I finished Proverbs this week, ending with the "Proverbs 31 woman". At first, this passage seems so intimidating. I mean, who can really do all that all the time? Certainly not me. I have to keep reminding myself that we aren’t in a perfect world, and that nobody on earth will ever achieve this standard of perfection. So, do I throw in the towel since I can’t do it all anyway? My children don’t arise and call me blessed? (more likely, they grumble that I’m waking them up) I can’t sew very well, so I certainly don’t make linen garment and sell them. I guess, as I see this passage, I need to strive to be a wife of noble character. Not perfect wife who always does everything perfectly.

I love Proverbs. There are so many teachable moments in them. So many verses that usually apply to something going on in the family. "Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out." (two boys looking to start an argument recently) "A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult" (hmmm…teenage boys again) "The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful" and the list goes on. Maybe we need to do a study on Proverbs for school in the near future.


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