Finishing up our school year

We’re finishing up the school year here in our house. All the kids know what they need to finish and they know that they will finish even if it means going all summer. My oldest just has science to do. He made the choice to do the majority of his science (Apologia’s General Science) during the summer. Middle son has to do math, which he absolutely dislikes. It’s a constant struggle to do math. He’s very good at it, when he wants to be, but just doesn’t like it. My youngest is finshing up her handwriting book and some math. The math for her is review, so she doesn’t foget what she’s learned. Math isn’t easy for her, so constant review is a must.

I’m looking ahead to next year. My oldest is starting high school. When did he grow up? Doing high school at home can seem a bit intimidating to me at times, but I am confident that we will survive. I have almost everything I need for next year already, so that’s a bonus for the budget. I’ll be spending some time this year getting ready to (hopefully) teach a Spanish class for our homeschool group. I haven’t taught Spanish in many years. It’ll be fun to teach that again.


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