Take me out to the ball game!

Besides 4-H, we spend a lot of time in the summer at baseball games. My son plays on a little league team every year.  It’s his favorite sport, and late every winter he starts dreaming about the games and getting his gear ready for the season. This year was his first year playing at a new level, so it was a learning year for him. His team started out the season with a difficult loss (they fought back from behind to come within 1), but went on to win every game the rest of the season. They even beat the team that beat them.  After the last regular season game, they were all given a plaque stating that they were the first place team. Then it was playoff time. As the #1 team, they didn’t have to play the first round and they won their first game, sending them right to the championship game. Guess who they had to play? If you guessed the team that beat them the first game of the season, you’re right.  This time, Eric’s team couldn’t pull off a win, and ended up second. Eric is happy with his season, and I am happy that it’s over. I love watching baseball, but by the end, especially with the fair coming up, I’m ready to move on.

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