Looking back at our week

A week ago, I didn’t think our first week of school this year would go very well. I debated even starting this week. Maybe I should just wait a week? The house wasn’t as clean as I wanted it, I had co-op things to plan and schedule, children’s choir songs to choose. I had planned on a whole week for school, only to have one son go on a youth group outing and my daughter be invited to a surprise birthday party for a friend. How would we start school without falling behind right away?

However, after praying about when to start, I really feel God wanted us to start on Monday. So, feeling a little overwhelmed, I got the kids up and going and away we went.

The first day went amazingly well, one of our best first days ever. The rest of the week followed about the same. The two kids that had events that would take them away from school for a day worked ahead or got caught up the next day.

I was inundated with sweet corn this week. Enough to can 90 jars for us and have over 500 ears to give away. I got the corn processed and school still got done. A couple of times, the kids started on their own without my telling them. That doesn’t happen too often.

Moral of the story: Trust God. He knows what’s best. Even when it’s something like when to start school and you’re feeling a bit too overwhlemed.

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

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