Project 365 begins today

One year ago today, on my birthday, I started this blog. So this year, I’m asking myself, what do I do this time? The answer I found–Project 365. My goal for this year is to take and post 1 picture a day, creating a timeline & memory of my 42nd year. I don’t plan on posting a picture everyday, but will post several at a time. I should perhaps mention that I am not a photographer, and I’m not looking for pictures of great photographic quality or importance. I’m just recording a year in my life. I’ll add some captions and such, so that we’ll always know what’s going on. So, without further ado, here’s my first photo of the year:

I arrived at Christmas program practice tonight and found that a small surprise party had been planned. I was seranaded with "Happy Birthday" and given a lot of chocolate cupcakes. My daughter and her friends spent hours planning. They wrote me a poem that my daughter recited in front of everybody and spent their normal "social time" at Bible study yesterday making a special treat for all of us to eat tonight. This photo shows the kids at church tonight, right before digging in to the great treats!

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