Project 365 Days 10-15

Day 10: Eric is enjoying his Black Friday purchase–Rock Band for Wii. The problem now is since I was thinking about getting this for him at Christmas, what do I get him now?

Day 11: Our second Thanksgiving with family included going bowling with all the kids.

Day 12: It’s polka dot night at Awana!

Day 13: Janelle finally gets a turn on Rock Band

Day 14: After a long day of working outside, it’s really hard to stay awake at the computer.

Day 15: Pea, one of our barn kittens, is fascinated with the TV. Maybe she wants a chance to play Rock Band, too? She was allowed in the house because she was looking so cold and wet out in the barn (and I’m an old softie when it comes to kittens looking sad)

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