Project 365, Days 16-23

I’ve been without a computer for the last 8 days, so I’ve been unable to post all my photos, or anything else. So,  here are the latest entries in Project 365

Day 16: Cows grazing in the field outside our living room window.

Day 17: One of the many cows we milk each day. This one’s waiting patiently for her turn, but not all of them do. 🙂

Day 18: We’re supposed to be ringing bells for the Salvation Army as part of our 4-H service project. However, the boys seem a bit distracted by a cell phone. On the bright side, these three boys spent most of the hour entertaining everybody with juggling and dancing.

Day 19: Baby Jacob, the son of our friends.

Day 20: George the kitten. She’s (yes, she’s a girl) the favorite in the milking parlor, frequently getting carried around by whoever is milking that day. That’s her mom, Rat, behind her.

Day 21: I saw this car in a local parking lot and had to get a picture. Somebody really believes in getting into the Christmas spirit.

Day 22: The first snowstorm of the season left us burried under over a foot of snow.

Day 23: The day after the snowstorm, the temperatures dropped to around zero. These kittens figured out rather quickly how to keep warm–stay in front of the heater in the parlor all the time.

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