Project 365, Days 29-34

Day 29, December 16: This is our dog, Buddy. He’s a blue heeler and very good at getting our cows to go where they need to go. He’s been a big help in the middle of the night, too. When a cow or two gets out, he barks to let us know. However,  he’s also been known to bark his head off at any animal that wanders too close to the farm–deer, geese, rabbits, squirrels, raccoon


Day 30, December 17, One month completed!! This is our other dog, Jet, a black lab puppy. He wouldn’t sit still for a picture, but I managed to catch him after he had hauled this bag of dog food out of the garage and was helping himself.

Day 31: My daughter and 2 of her friends decorating gingerbread houses.

Day 32: Here’s one way to use crutches–as stilts to make yourself taller.

Day 33: After an "elf makeover"

Day 34: The elementary Spanish class that I teach had a Mexican Fiesta for their last class before Christmas. Here, Kierra is breaking open the pinata. We acted out "Las Posadas" and ate lots of good food.

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