Project 365, Days 45-51

Day 45, January 1, 2010: January came in with a cold blast that required lots of layers and bundling up.

Day 46: Goofing off in the Dollar Store 🙂

Day 47: How cold is it? The cows have figured out that if they stand the wrong way in the parlor, with their heads where their tails are supposed to be, they can feel the warm air from the heater blowing on their heads. This, however, can make milking a bit difficult.

Day 48: Baby calf. This little girl didn’t want her picture taken, she wanted her bottle.

Day 49: Yep, I’m only 13, but I can grow a mustache 🙂

Day 50: Back to school after Christmas break. Eric’s working on a science experiment.

Day 51: Here we go again. Another winter storm passing through.

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