Project 365, Days 55-59

Day 55, January 11: Monday is co-op day. Today was art class and the project was mosaics made with a variety of stones, tiles and glass.

Day 56: The Christmas tree is finally un-decorated and ready to go out.

Day 57: Mmmm…looks good enough to eat

Day 58: Phase 1 of the new freestall is done. The side that is open is going to be curtains that can open and close to let in air as needed. The top front that looks open is actually windows. Phase 2 will be to put in the stalls. Right now, it’s just an empty shed.

Day 59: One of the 10 bunnies we currently have. They are a 4-H project. This one’s name is Trouble. At least, I think so. She has a twin, and I don’t know which is which unless I see which cage they’re in.

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