Project 365, Days 64-66

Day 64, January 20: School time. What this picture shows is Eric very intently doing his math. What it doesn’t show is the music he’s listening to,the drumming with his fingers, the pencil tapping, and all the other things that seem like distractions to me. But, he gets it done and gets it correct.

Day 65: Our puppy, Jet, actually sitting still for a picture.

Day 66: This is Shadow. What’s so special about this cow? She’s in love with my husband πŸ™‚ Her first few days of being milked (she’s a new cow in our parlor), she would only come in the parlor if my husband led her in. Now, anytime he’s in the barn or cowyard when she is, she follows him around. This morning, she started to moo as soon as he closed the door into the parlor and she couldn’t see him anymore. Everytime she comes in the parlor, she stands the wrong way, so she can see him. It’s a good thing I’m not the jealous type πŸ™‚

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