Once a month cooking

Today was Once-a-month cooking day at my house. I haven’t done a day like this in a long time, but I love doing it. I went easy on myself and didn’t do a full month’s worth of meals. I ended up with 24 main dishes and 3 side dishes. The process actually started several days ago with choosing recipes and then making a grocery list. Yesterday, I went shopping. Today, I cooked.

Some, but not all, of the ingredients I used today.

After assembling the ingredients, the first job was to fry all the hamburger I’d need–12 pounds. Besides these 2 frying pans, I also started a crock pot with a roast I was cooking for barbecued pork sandwiches and a pot of chicken noodle soup on the stove.

While the hamburger was frying, I chopped 15 onions. Once those two jobs were done, assembling the dishes is fairly easy. Most of them are put into ziplock bags. I just measure the ingredients into the bag, label and freeze. Other dishes require a bit more work, like cooking sauces, dicing chicken, cooking meatballs, etc.

Dishes is an all-day project. I have a sink full of soapy water ready all the time so I can keep things clean and organized.

I had a helper for some of the day.

All done! Here’s all the food I made today, ready for the freezer.

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