Project 365, Days 67-73

Day 67, January 23: Once a month cooking day

Day 68: Blowing bubbles

Day 69: Co-op day again, this time it’s art class.

Day 70: Not sure what to say about this one. Silly things I do when I’m shopping with my daughter? 🙂

Day 71: A US Citizen at last!

Day 72: We’ve outgrown all our upstairs storage and pantry areas, so I set up some shelves in the basement to use for food storage. Too much food…Hmm, not a bad problem to have.

Day 73: OK, this picture makes her look meaner than what she is. The glowing eyes from the flash and the steam from her breath do that. However, she is not known to be a nice animal. She got really mad at my husband when he went into her pen to fix a waterer. She’s the only cow we have with horns, and they can be dangerous. I’ve named her Beelzebub.

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