Project 365, Days 74-82

Day 74, January 30, 2010: This is the kind of thing we do at dinner at our house. We tend to get a little silly sometimes 🙂

Day 75: Practicing for the upcoming worship celebration. My son is the one in the front with the brown shirt. He’s doing some flag/banner carrying and dancing.

Day 76: You’re never too young to learn to praise dance.

Day 77: Having some fun while waiting for our van to get fixed.

Day 78: Getting ready to start choir practice at church.

Day 79: A cake decorating meeting for 4-H. This is the first cake she’s ever decorated.

Day 80: Fun with friends at the movies.

Day 81: Each year for the youth group Super bowl parties at our church, my son makes pies. He spends all day Saturday the day before working on them.  Last year he made 7 of them. This year, only 3. This is 2 of them, all ready to go. They’re chocolate 🙂

Day 82: On Sunday, between church and the Super Bowl parties, we squeezed in a 4-H meeting. The group met at a local bowling alley and did some bowling. Actually, my kids chose not to bowl, but insisted on having their picture taken so that there’s proof we were there.

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