Project 365, Days 122-128

Day 122, March 19: My turn for a swap. This one had a "spring" theme and the goal was to send your partner the most unique gift. My partner sent me a huge box full of numbered gifts. The egg carton was covered with tissue paper and I had to poke through the paper to reveal either a chick or a note with the package number I was to open. The note also had a clue to what the gift was going to be. For example, note #1 said "Spring Chicken" and the gift was a wind-up, walking chicken gum dispenser.

Day 123: From the play my daughter was in, the Big Bad Wolf is scaring one of the 7 Dwarves.

Day 124: Awana night. This time, the game is the 4-way tug-of-war

Day 125: Monday’s art class. More work on drawing.

Day 126: The plants I started for the garden are starting to grow. I can’t wait to plant them outside.

Day 127: Carl, our Silver Fox rabbit. He’s going to get big, about the size of 4-5 of our other rabbits.

Day 128: We had one of our cows butchered recently and I went to pick up the meat today. My husband told me it was a "good sized" animal, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how good sized. We ended up with 800 pounds of beef. This is less than half of it. I also filled our other freezer and still had some that didn’t fit. I won’t be buying meat for a while 🙂

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