5 Week Challenge, Week 4

This week in the 5 week challenge, I’m working on hallways and entry ways, plus I’m also doing the dining room, since both hallways and 2 entryways come off the dining room. It just make sense to the dining room at the same time. These areas have several closets in them that are my biggest challenge. All 4 of the closets are a total mess and in desperate need of cleaning and organizing. If you don’t believe me, I’m posting pictures of them.

This is our coat closet. I actually started this one last night. Before I started, the shelves were more cluttered, but the floor wasn’t as bad. Right now, I can’t close the closet doors.

This is our combined game/linen closet. This picture doesn’t show the whole thing, but all shelves are pretty much in the same, sad shape.

This is our homeschool closet. At least the top shelves aren’t too bad in this one 🙂

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself with how awful the closets are, stay tuned for the improved versions of them in a few days!

One thought on “5 Week Challenge, Week 4

  1. melanie says:

    I saw the AFTER pictures first ~ Well done!
    I think I need to go read more about this challenge — and then develop a plan for this house!
    Bless you for your honest pictures ~

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