Project 365, Days 158-163

Day 158, April 24: What is it about boys and fire? Why is it so much fun to play with a candle?

Day 159: Smile!!

Day 160: My High School Spanish class had "crazy hat day", but only a couple of them remembered. Therefore, next week is a repeat of crazy hat day 🙂

Day 161: One of the current swaps I’m involved with on the Homeschool Lounge is a Flip flop swap. These are the flip flops I got from my partner. Now, I just need summery weather so I can wear them.

Day 162: The children’s choir at church that I direct. My daughter is on the left in the back row.

Day 163: We had a field trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum. We saw a special exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The other highlight of the museum was the butterfly room. We had butterflies flying around us and landing on us. All different sizes and colors.

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