5 week Challenge Week 5

OK, I started off so good on this challenge. So, how did I get to the end of the 5 weeks but not have everything done? I haven’t finished the bedroom yet. That’s a room that should be easy, since I did our bedroom fairly recently. But, it didn’t get finished. I started the week out behind, since I wasn’t finished with the hallways and entryways. I also decided to do the dining room last week, so maybe I was trying to do too much in too short of time.

My dining room isn’t just a dining room. It’s our schoolroom. Our computer is in the dining room. It leads off the mud room entry from the garage, so it gets dirty. It needed a good cleaning.

I finished last week’s cleaning earlier this week. The dining room looks great, as do the hallways, and especially the closets. I even got the homeschool closet clean and organized.

I’ll get the bedroom done, and the kids will get theirs done (at least, that’s the plan). I’ll even post pictures once I’m done. But, for now, here’s a picture of my clean dining room.

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