Project 365, Days 169-174

Day 169, May 5: My homeschool closet is now nice and clean!!

Day 170: We all went on a field trip to a pottery studio. These are our finished products. Mine is the cupcake spoon rest; it’s actually a brighter pink than the picture shows. Greg did the cup and Janelle did the dress vase.

Day 171: Yes, we homeschool in our pajamas 🙂 At least, Janelle did today. At the end of the day, she realized she had never gotten dressed.

Day 172: My clean, organized dining room. The 5 Week Challenge is almost over. I just have to finish the bedroom. It’s so nice having a clean house. I wonder how long it will last?

Day 173: My Mother’s Day present from Janelle. It’s a gold bracelet with little diamonds in it.

Day 174: Our church youth group does fund raisers at our local Pizza Ranch. Greg and our pastor were doing dishes in the kitchen.

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