My daughter and I have been geocaching the last couple of days. I used to go more, but haven’t had the opportunity until just recently.

What is geocaching? It’s a type of treasure hunt. I go onto the geocaching website, download coordinates of caches (treasures) that I want to find into my GPS, and then go find them. Once I get to the right location, I still have to search for the cache, since they are camouflaged to prevent non-geocachers (called “muggles”) from finding them. Some caches contain little trinkets that you can take, as long as you leave somthing in return. All caches have a log book to sign to show that you found it. Then, when I get home, I go online once more to log which caches I found.

There are over 1,000,000 caches hidden worldwide. In the last 2 days, Janelle and I have found 7 caches. This is a lot for me, but there are some people who spend the whole day geocaching and find 20+ in a day. I have found a total of 35 caches. Again, this isn’t much. There are people who have found more than 5000.

This is Janelle with her first find, although the picture isn’t taken where the cache was actually found. I wouldn’t want to give the location away 🙂

Sometimes, it’s necessary to crawl through trees to find the treasure. I’ve gotten my feet wet once or twice, too.

To find out more about geocaching, go here

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