Weekly Wrap Up

     It’s June, so you’d think school would be done by now, right? Wrong! We’ve fallen a bit behind this year, so we will probably be doing some school through most of the summer. Not everyday, maybe a day or two a week, just to get a little caught up in certain areas, mainly math.

     On Monday, I spent the afternoon working with the kids who are in the skit for our church’s VBS next week. We only have this week to practice, and things didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

      Tuesday morning is my Bible study morning. I get a chance to spend time with other Christian women while my daughter plays with her friends. In the afternoon, my daughter had her piano lesson. Then, in the evening she had a  4-H rabbit meeting. She gave a speech on the dwarf hotot breed of rabbit and also demonstrated her showmanship skills.

     Wednesday was our only school day this week and we spent the day working on math, English, history and science. In the evening all the kids went to our general 4-H meeting. In honor of June dairy month, we met at a farm and got some experience in cattle judging. None of us did very well. We correctly judged 2 out of the 4 heifers. You’d think dairy farmers would do better than that 🙂

     Thursday was a stay-at-home day. We spent our time getting all the props and costumes ready for the VBS skit. Then, in the evening, my oldest had a 4-H dog obedience meeting. He didn’t spend time during the week working with his dog, so guess what? The dog didn’t do well at the meeting. After I brought my son home, I brought my daughter to watch 2 of her friends play softball.

     Friday was the final dress rehearsal for the skit. We started at 10:00 and went until 2:30. And, it’s still not ready for next week. The skits for the first 3 days are pretty good, so next week we’ll have some extra practices devoted to the last 2 days.

     Today was supposed to be my day to get the house cleaned and some meals made and in the freezer for next week, since I’ll be so busy at VBS. I did’t finish either task, but there is more done now than when I woke up.

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