Summer Devotions Challenge, week 1

This summer, from July 1 to August 31, I am taking the Summer Devotions Challenge from The Homeschool Lounge. The goal of the challenge is to spend 15 minutes everyday in devotions, which can include Bible reading, prayer, devotional books and more, plus memorize at least one verse from the Bible each week.

For the challenge, I am using the book Trusting in the Names of  God, an eight week devotional. Week one is finished, and it was a difficult week for me. Why? We were on vacation this week and so my normal routine was interrupted. However, I stuck to it and completed week 1.

Seeking the Lord with all your heart and desiring to be a person after God’s own heart were key themes this week. What do I need to change in my attitudes and activities so that my life reflects my desire to seek God? I realized this week that my priorities are not where they should be. Kids, farm and school take priority over God.

My memory verse this week was Psalm 27:4–
     The one thing I ask of the Lord-
       the thing I seek most-
     is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of  my life,
     delighting in the Lord’s perfections.

Wouldn’t I love to delight in the Lord’s perfections instead of focusing on the everyday trials?

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