Project 365, Days 232-235

Day 232, July 7: Now that vacation is over, it’s time to focus on 4-H and getting ready for the fairs. My daughter has been working with her rabbits, practicing her showmanship speech and spending extra time holding them. This little guy is Frosty, a Dwarf Hotot. He’s the rabbit that Janelle is using for showmanship.

Day 233: Another day, another 4-H project. Here Janelle is practicing her cake decorating skills on a Princess cake.  The family always enjoys eating her practice cakes 🙂

Day 234: Eric’s baseball team hasn’t won a game yet this season. This game was a long game. After 2 1/2 hrs, the 5th inning had just ended and the score was 19-19. They’re supposed to play 7 innings, but the game was called after 5 because it was getting dark and the diamond didn’t have lights (or a concession stand or water or a bathroom–just a port-a-potty)

Day 235: This proves what an old softie I am. I am allergic to cats, but yet I am allowing these two cuties into the house. There used to be 3 of them, but one died and one of these looks sick. Greg found them in the barn, wandering around the stalls where they could get stepped on, looking very hungry, and brought them up to the house for some TLC. They now have a home in the garage until they are bigger and can survive in the barn, but they seem to make their way into the house an awful lot.

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