Project 365, Days 241-246

Day 241, July 16: Sunset

Day 242, July 17, 8 months done: What’s so special about the inside of our garage? It is clean for the first time in over a year. There used to be a broken pick-up truck parked in half, becoming a collection spot for all kinds of stuff, including mice. Finally, the truck was pulled out and the garage cleaned.

Day 243: The last Sunday before my son and the rest of the team leave for South Africa. They did one of their dances and a skit during the service.

Day 244: These birds have been hanging out on our clothesline all day. They are the offspring of a pair of barn swallows that made a nest by our garage. Now, the babies are getting flying lessons.

Day 245: Getting the bunnies settled in at the County Fair.

Day 246: Eric’s ceramics project was chosen for the State Fair, the highest honor you can get at the County Fair. 🙂

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