Project 365, Days 247-250

Day 247, July 22: This is the van that took the South Africa mission team to the airport. My son, Greg, and 9 others from our church are on the team that will be gone for 19 days.

Day 248: OK, I cheated on this one. I actually took it yesterday at the County Fair. Janelle had 3 rabbits entered and judging of them didn’t quite have the results we had hoped for, 2 reds and a white ribbon. However, she won the showmanship competition for her age group and got her first trophy 🙂

Day 249: After 2 inches of rain the day before, it got really hot. The cows found a convenient puddle in the pasture to help them stay cool.

Day 250: Our house is starting to look like a vet clinic. We’ve had the kitten, now called Kittay thanks to Eric, in the house for a couple of weeks while she grows big enough to survive in the barn. Now, we also have an injured rabbit as well. Her name is Mischief and she somehow injured her eye at the fair and it became infected. The problem is that the two animals don’t like each other. Kittay swats at Mischief and Mischief swats back.

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