Projects 365, Days 256-260

Day 256, July 31: With the Alto Fair almost here, Janelle and I spent an afternoon working with her bunnies. Several of them got their nails trimmed. To do this without getting scratched, we had to wrap them up in a towel.

Day 257: This is Carl, one of our biggest rabbits. He’s a Silver Fox and weighs about 12 pounds.

Day 258: We went to visit some neighbors and Janelle found this furry friend to keep her company.

Day 259: This is the old truck that sat in the garage for over a year because it didn’t start. It still needs a radiator, so it’s sitting in the front lawn.

Day  260: Kittay, the supposed-to-be-barn-kitten, still gets to spend time in the house every day. She’s mainly living in the garage, but still like to come in when we allow it.

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