Project 365, Days 267-272

Day 267, August 11: Rabbit judging at the Alto Fair. This is the final judging of the day, to determine best of show. Janelle had 2 rabbits being considered, but didn’t win. Her best rabbit finished 4th, which is an improvement from last year.

Day 268: Day 2 of the Alto Fair. It was incredibly hot, so the water fights were popular. If you sat in the right spot, you’d get just a slight mist from the hoses and it felt wonderful.

Day 269: 2 of the pigs were sold at the fair. These 2 are left at home, soon to be sold to some lucky buyer.

Day 270: This sunflower popped up in our backyard. I think the seed must have come from a nearby bird feeder, since I haven’t planted any sunflowers this year.

Day 271: Yes, the kitten is still around. She spends most of her days outside or in the garage, but still manages to come in for a little while every day.

Day 272: Janelle and her friend Jessy having a snack in the mall.

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