{Not} Back to School blog hop: Student Photo week

My kids didn’t want to have their pictures taken since we haven’t started school yet. I think they’re afraid I’ll make them start earlier than planned. So, for this week, I’m using pictures we had taken about 6 weeks ago.

This is Eric. He’s 15 and a sophomore this year. Yes, I’ve survived one year of High School. He loves sports and is currently playing soccer. He’s less than 3 months away from becoming a licensed driver.

This is Greg, who just turned 14. He’s going to be a freshman this year. He loves acting and singing. He’s in a barbershop chorus(that’s where he got the tux he’s wearing in the photo) and just got back from a 21 day mission trip to South Africa.

My baby is Janelle, age 10. She’s in 5th grade and loves being a girl–shopping, hanging out with friends. She currently has 13 rabbits that she raises for 4-H and she loves acting and music.

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